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How to choose a professional wedding photographer?

Some answers to your question about wedding photographers. These may not meet your expectations, or may differ from the recommendations you have read on the Internet. I hope that these reasons will help you in your efforts. If you are here, it’s very likely that you are looking for a photographer for your wedding. Your photos are the only tangible memories of your wedding. Therefore, it is essential to choose the ideal wedding photographer to capture the essence of your day.

Choosing the best photographer that meets your needs for your celebration is more difficult than ever today. Why should you choose me? That’s an excellent question! Why me among hundreds of other photographers in Montreal? First of all, I hope you like my work and my photography style!

How do I know which photographer to choose? 

It all depends on your taste in photography and style of photography, as well as the approach you want your photographer to take on your wedding day. With me, you will be free to make prints whenever you want, for you and your family, without going through my studio every time, since I give you a photo release with printing rights in your USB keys.

Once the final selection of photos is complete, I upload them to your gallery for you and your family. You are allowed to download in high resolution without any watermark and to print your images everywhere without exception. After the wedding, I strongly recommend five specific laboratories on the island of Montreal and Laval, with an easy-to-use online service for size selection and paper selection. Fast and free delivery.

Professional photo printing lab

I can’t guarantee the quality of your photo prints, if you go to Walmart, Jean-Coutu Group Pharmacy or Pharmaprix. If you need to make quick impressions for a guest or for families, Costco’s photo labs are a superior level above other low-cost labs. Not all photography laboratories in Quebec are of the same caliber, and employees don’t have all the same training and skills from one lab to another.

If you go to a cheap and unqualified photography laboratory, your prints won’t be of excellent quality. A 4×6 to 15 cent photo is worth what it is worth. The laboratories I recommend will give you superior quality photo prints, most of them have reasonable prices, and the final result will be impeccable!

I always do my best to ensure that the newlyweds have access to their photo gallery within 15 days of the wedding. My priority is to get the gallery done quickly, because often, the newlyweds are super excited to see the pictures. All throughout the season, I also have to photograph several other weddings, so I always ask clients to be patient.

The chemistry

Another essential element that many couples forget is chemistry with the photographer and the couple. Believe me, it’s super important, even more, important than style! Look for a photographer who has a positive and proactive attitude, who listens to you and understands your vision. Chemistry is so essential! This is also a reason why you should have a meeting one to two hours before you sign your contract. You can spend time with your photographer and get to know his style, working methods, and personality.

The more comfortable you feel during the meeting, the more likely you are to create beautiful chemistry together on the wedding day. You can usually tell, within the first 10 minutes after meeting with the photographer, whether or not you feel comfortable with him or her. First impressions are essential, and if you instantly create a link, you are on the right track. If you feel uncomfortable with your photographer for any reason, it will be noticed in your wedding photos. Remember that a real smile is impossible to imitate, so choose your photographer wisely.

Trust with your photog

As a couple, you place a lot of trust in your wedding photographer. To get the best images and a true story of one of the most important days of your life, it is imperative that you feel comfortable and relaxed with the photographer. I get along well with everyone, even with some self-help videographers or wannabe filmmakers. I photograph your wedding knowing that it is your day and I am here to give you my 100%, to capture beautiful moments and details that will give you butterflies in your belly when you go to look at the pictures later.

I am a real passionate about wedding photography. I have touched a little on everything in photography: I have done photojournalism, fashion, bodies, industrial photography, products, casting agency, pregnant women, business and family portrait in studio and real estate photography. Honestly, with the wedding picture, there’s something that makes me feel good. I always want to exceed myself so that my clients receive a good result. I will never impose myself to organize your wedding day. I am not a wedding planner. I will make suggestions during the day, for example, stay here, it would look better here, the lighting is not right here, let’s try this place, etc..

Finally, if I’m going to be your photographer, I’m going to suggest things, to try and guide each situation in the best possible way so that your photos look great! With all the weddings I’ve photographed, I have enough experience to quickly notice if some things are not going well or are not necessary, I’ll tell you discreetly. You have no idea how fast time goes by on the wedding day. Ask friends who are already married. They will tell you the same thing. A wedding until the end of the ceremony is stressful enough, especially to the married couple (after the ceremony the stress is often gone). I don’t want to create additional stress.

Remarkable variety of photo style

I am grateful when a couple chooses me to capture their love story. I want you to feel comfortable with me during this process, before, during, and after and I work very hard to give 100% to my customers! There are many companies in Montreal and Quebec City that offer to cover your wedding for you, with a remarkable variety of photo styles. It’s easy to get lost, and it can be difficult to remember why you chose a photographer. Any professional wedding photographer worthy of the name will put a little more effort into telling the story of your day. That’s why you choose a real pro, of course, you have to understand that there’s no chance of redoing the wedding, so you need a professional who can grasp the critical elements of the day here and there, regardless of the time, the moment, the place or the weather. Of course, your needs and desires may differ from one couple to another.

Black and white photography

The images are three times more powerful than a video to trigger an emotion of memories with the past. There is something in the visualization that allows your subconscious mind to fill gaps, which don’t happen with a video. Do the exercise: now go get your childhood album and look at your holiday souvenir photos and family outings. You will understand that, very often, you can even remember the smell of the air, the warm sun on the skin, and discussions with family members. Personally, I love black and white photos. They have a different impact than color photos to evoke memories. There is something about the contrasts that occur when color is absent, and that can make a black-and-white image more powerful and give butterflies in the belly or goosebumps.

Look for a photographer who lives on photography and not a person who does it for fun on Saturdays. You want to be sure to find an experienced photographer, a true professional, and who will be able to provide photographs that you will cherish for life. It’s sad and unfortunate to say, but there are still today some unscrupulous event agencies and photographers here in Quebec who present you photo galleries during meetings, which do not come from the photographer present on the wedding day, it is only after that the newlyweds have quite a surprise. Each photographer has his or her own vision that I respect and his or her own style, including their lighting, shooting, and framing techniques. Make sure your photographer’s work matches the style and tastes you are looking for.

Several reference sources

Word of mouth is an essential factor in a photographer’s reputation. If possible, try to find several reference sources for a photographer you are considering choosing. For Canada: Use Fearless, MyWed, Junebug, FaceBook, Instagram, Yelp, Google My Business (GMB), and Google Maps. It is imperative that you compare the styles and approaches of each photographer. One of the most critical and difficult decisions when planning your wedding is undoubtedly the choice of the photographer. You must love not only his work but also his personality.

The quality of a photographer’s portfolio should be the first thing that appeals to you. A good professional photographer should be able to offer customers a variety of styles, capturing the bride and groom’s personalities and highlighting the happiness and fun of the day. First of all, the style of the images should tell a lot about couples. Whether you’re looking for casual or informal photos or a more contemporary style, make sure you do your homework and shop well.

Before you start looking for professional photographers in Montreal, you should first choose the type of photography style you prefer. If you like crisp, contrasting photos, an excellent dramatic photographer is a right choice for you. Don’t forget that you don’t necessarily need to limit yourself to one particular style, as many wedding photographers can create a mix of portraits and photojournalism, a mix of black and white images and colors. If you like a particular style, make sure you focus on specialized photographers. Your photographer should offer a variety of packages for all budgets and not just one package.

Planning your wedding

I fully understand that planning a wedding can be overwhelming and that there are so many things to consider. When it comes to planning your wedding, there are many things to consider and the budget for it. The list seems endless, and you may not know where to begin. Experience plays a vital role in the organization and structure of the day. I’m sure many photographers will agree that they have often played the role of planner. Taking pictures is only a small part of the job of a professional wedding photographer. Without the experience and ability to work under constant pressure, one can easily miss important moments.

Wedding photography is important because it will capture your day, your memories, it will tell a story, and not just any story, it will tell a beautiful story of your special day, a day you will never forget. A story that you can show to your friends and family, your children and your grandchildren, something that you will have and cherish forever. For the photographer, it’s about capturing moments, capturing emotions, being able to relive the day through beautiful photos, smiling at new moments, seeing emotions on the faces of your family and friends, and more importantly, having a story you can cherish forever.

Meet several photographer

Arrange face-to-face meetings with three potential photographers who are available on your wedding day and assess whether your personalities go hand in hand. Be prepared to talk about your ceremony location, your wedding style and what you envision for your photos. Finally, ask how many weddings he has covered since the beginning of his career and how long he has been in the wedding industry. If the person tells you: -I’ve been in the marriage photography for four years and I’ve had five or six weddings-, seriously, I recommend you to run away.

I prefer by far a photojournalist photo with a reporting approach with candid, classic and artistic moments of artistic spontaneity. My goal is to capture a complete story of the day. Each wedding is unique. If you like these styles, I am the right photographer that suits you.

When it comes to planning a wedding, it’s not just a day. It’s a lifetime of memories. I preach for my parish, but photography is the only thing left for you at the end of the day. If this does not answer your questions and you’re still wondering why you should choose me, then visit my testimonial page.