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Wedding Photography Mistakes

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For the Wedding Photographers

 A wedding is a sign of two hearts becoming as one. They are having the time of their life. As a photographer, it would be your job to capture the moments. Here are the things that should be AVOIDED and noted in becoming a wedding photographer.

Missing the Moments

It is a BIG day for the couples. By majority, it only happens one time so every moment is really precious. There is a lot of first time moments that should definitely be captured. Someday the client and guests will look at their photos during that wedding day, and they will be really grateful to you. As they look at the photos, the love and happiness that day will be remembered and it gives good vibes to them. What if, someday the couple would be having a hard time with each other, then one of them will stumble at the photos, and they will realize, that they are stronger and happier if they overcome their challenges together. The photographs will lasts for a very long time, and so is their love.

 Misplaced Perfectionism

 Not every time you take a photo of the subjects they are properly posing. The perfect moments are best captured when stolen. Those moments when the couples looked at each other so wholeheartedly, a baby not knowing what the world is happening around him because why everybody is having fun, or two strangers dancing and smiling at each other that they look so lovely together, and you have taken photos of all those moments, THAT.IS.PERFECT!

 Lack of Patience

 There are so many things happening around during a wedding day. Even before the event starts, there are already a lot of photos to be taken. A lot of guests would request to have them photographed because it is a day wherein they gather with friends and relatives that they don’t see every day and everyone would be wearing their best dress so a single or group photo would be by popular demand. It would be the photographer’s job to be patient because you don’t wanna be the source of bad vibration. Don’t show them that you are losing your patience because everyone wants to have their photos taken. In the reception area, there would be children running around and guests getting a little bit tipsy so you have to stay focused in doing your job. In order for you to stay cool, do your job passionately.

Not Taking the “One More” Shot

This also requires patience but more on having quality wise photography. Not all the time that your first take is the perfect photo. Sometimes, out of the 3 photos of same subject, 1 of them is the best. Your subjects also know that which is why they would request another one shot. It is much better if you will be the one who initiates getting taking another shot. In that way, the people will get more comfortable in posing and their smiles will be more genuine. A sudden glance quick photo may also result for some awkward faces like those half smiles or half opened eyes. So take another shot quickly and capture the shining smile and tantalizing eyes. Getting a blurry capture doesn’t happen that much if you know how to use your camera so go ahead and get a rapid shot.

Unavailability of Gears

It is always better to go to war with your best weapon and armor. Know your photography style using your equipment and bring them with you. Your experience will tell you that you need a tripod, lighting softbox, flashs, HSS remote, lenses kit, and more. In short be geared to the teeth. Don’t worry about bringing all those stuffs because it is also good to have an assistant. You can easily hire one because being a wedding photographer’s assistant is an easy part-time job. A lot of people would love to be your assistant. They don’t come expensive as well. That is why include an assistant’s fee to your agreed budget with your client. Taking photographs without worrying about your gears would result for a job well done. Even your client would love the idea of you having an assistant.

 Background Check

In an occasion where everyone feels the love in the air, try to avoid taking photos of those who keeps on looking at their most precious property, cellphones. You have the option not to take their photos because there are more people enjoying the party that you can photograph. If you’re taking a photo for example of a group of groom’s men but there is someone at their back more focused in playing their mobile games(yes, it happens), get an angle for a little bit cover up for that person. The catering services in the reception would also have a waiter so try not to have them included in your photographs. When the time comes that the guests would be looking at the photo album, they would have this “oh there’s the waiter….there he goes again…..he’s everywhere”. Sometimes it’s funny depending on the one who’s scanning but, what if not?

It’s inevitable that a waiter would be included, but try making them the Easter Egg of your photographs.

Forgetting Your Passion

The reason why you became a wedding photographer is because of your passion for this kind of job. Do it with all your heart. Share your love for photography to everyone. Don’t hesitate to give your best. Love is the most precious thing in the world, and you are spreading it through your photographs. You have one of the best jobs on the face of the Earth, and you have been honored to witness the love of the couples together with their family and friends.

Always remember, YOU will be the reason for their smiles in the future.

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