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Amazing tips for wedding photography

Wedding photography is meant to be perfect because it’s the photographs that remain as a memory for the couples after their wedding. People get excited about getting the ideal photographer for their wedding, but sometimes they still end up disappointed with the photographs. It’s always better to prepare yourself before wedding photography by following some proper tips and guidelines. The preparation will make the wedding photography better and easier for both the photographer and the clients.

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Why wedding photo guide or tips is essential?

Not everyone is good with posing. Some people need help with a photo shoot as they are not very good in front of the camera. In that case, photographers are always there to help. But imagine somebody is struggling with posing as they don’t know what to do. And the photographer is trying to help with each photograph. Situations like this creates extra stress for the couple and the photographer, and consumes time as well. Couples would rather enjoy and pose smoothly instead of struggling and learning. It’s better to check and learn some wedding photography tips before the wedding to avoid any mess.

There are several wedding photography tips for brides and grooms. In this article, I would like to give some excellent wedding photography tips for couples because couple pictures are the most important for a wedding.

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Here are 10 amazing tips for wedding photography:

Choose the correct photographer: It is essential to choose the proper photographer before your wedding. If the photographer is wrong, all your photography preparations will go in vain. Make sure to have a meeting with your photographer before the wedding, where you can discuss how you want your photographs to look. Ask questions and see if the photographer is skilled enough and have knowledge about different photography styles.

Choose photography styles: There are several photography styles; natural photography, traditional photography, artistic photography, dramatic photography, etc. You should choose some of your favourite styles and try them before the wedding. When you are finally ready to click photos, make sure you are comfortable with your partner. Make it look natural, express love to your partner, show romance and let the photographer capture those lovely moments.

Plan locations – Pick some right spots at the wedding locations for the photography. Places with excellent decorations would be great as a background for couple photographs. Try an outdoor photo shoot as well. Natural environment and scenery can make any picture look beautiful. Natural wedding photography style is an example.

Show love and emotions in the photographs – Kissing, hugging, holding hands as a couple on the wedding day is like a treat to the eyes. Ask your photographer to click candid pictures while you and your partner talk or walk together and have special moments. Such images come out naturally dreamy without extra efforts. Dramatic photography is also an excellent style to try for the couple where they show high emotions with an unusual elegant background.


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Try funny moments – Capturing funny moments of the couples is a great idea to create a happy memory. Try posing in funny ways or do activities which can make your photographs look funny and jolly. For example, pretend to play soccer with your partner and give poses while laughing out loud. This idea can make the picture look unique and joyful because paying soccer in wedding attire is not regular. Everyone loves to see the new wedding couple having fun on their wedding day.

Try posing with pets – Another way to create some unique photographs is by including pets or animals in it. For example, you could dress up two dogs just like a wedding couple and pose with them. Couples who own pets should try this unique style.

Private wedding photo shoot – I think private photo shoot is best for couples. By any chance, if couples feel distracted and nervous to click pictures in front of a lot of guests, a private photo shoot is the option! Private wedding photo shoot involves the couple and the photographer only.

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Show off your appearance – This is an example of the fashion wedding photography style. To make it seem easier; pretend you are models and pose showing off your wedding attires with a good background. People nowadays put a lot of effort in looking the best on wedding days. The Lovely gowns and suits that the couples wear are unique. It would be great to have some photographs showcasing the costumes and physical attributes of the couple together.

Try black and white wedding photography – The black and white wedding photography style is one of the most elegant and classic styles. As a fact, the black and white effect can make any picture look nostalgic and classy. Give some of your best romantic poses for the black and white photography style to make it look more attractive.

Tell your photographer to capture special happy moments – Moments where the wedding couple is exchanging rings, reading their vows or having their first dance are very special and memorable. Make sure your photographer is present there during the special moments to capture some great pictures.

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Wedding photography is all about capturing exciting happy moments of people joining together and celebrating the love and unity of two lovers. Everyone present at a wedding deserves to be in the photography, brides and grooms can have individual photo shoots, good photographs with family members and friends is essential as well. But in this article, I have mentioned some tips which are especially for wedding couples. Not knowing about wedding photography can lead to issues later on the wedding day, so it’s helpful if you learn about some simple tips before the big day! Following these wedding photography tips for couples will help both the photographer and the couple to have a smooth photo shoot for the wedding.